Conservation and Restoration of Endangered Plant Species in the Tropical Forests

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H. D. Japheth
J. A. Ugbe


Indiscriminate charcoal productions, timber harvesting, demand for farmlands and overgrazing have aggravatedland degradation process in the tropical regions. At each point of this cycle, species are lost and biodiversity is obtainable only in the National Parks, Game reserves, Forest reserves, Wildlife sanctuaries. Forests and its resources are important assets that the tropical regions can sustainably manage for its renewable potentials, environmental benefits and socio-economic importance to mankind. Thus, this paper aim at reviewing past research works to provide profound solutions for conservation and restoration of forests and its products in the mid of financial shortcoming among the developing nations in the tropical regions. Based on this review, endangered plant species such as Prosopis africana, Parkia biglobosa, Khaya senegalensis, Gleditsia assamica, Gymnocladus assamicus, Aquilaria malaccensis and others can be restored; and genetic heredity (with qualitative characteristics) can be sustain for generational use if only we will all ignore the voice that “demands high financial resources for the management of endangered species before it can be conserved and restored”. Even without the provision of financial resources for conservation and restoration of endangered species, with high interest and euphoria among the youths, the young populace can conserved and restored the tropical forests and its biodiversity in the regions. This can be achieved by frequent inclusion of youths in decisions making and the use of non-formal education methods such as drama, playlet, music concerts among others. Therefore, it is recommended that communities around forest reserves in the tropical regions should be economically empowered, so that they can have alternative sources of livelihood that are biodiversity friendly, thus, reducing their dependence on forests and forest products.

Biodiversity threatened, wildlife, degradation, trees, tropical region.

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Japheth, H. D., & Ugbe, J. A. (2019). Conservation and Restoration of Endangered Plant Species in the Tropical Forests. Asian Journal of Research in Agriculture and Forestry, 4(1), 1-11.
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