Effect of Potting Mixture of Poultry Manure and Horse-dung on the Growth of Tamarindus indica L. (Tamarind) Seedlings

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S. A. Adedokun
O. N. Sulaiman
A. B. Alarape
A. A. Olunloyo


This study examined the effect of potting mixture of poultry manure and horse-dung on the growth of Tamarindus indica L. The experiment was carried out at the Federal College of Forestry, Ibadan and lasted for Sixteen (16) weeks. Four weeks old seedlings were transplanted into polythene pots thoroughly mixed with varying levels of poultry manure and horse-dung at 5 g, 7.5 g and 10 g level of application with 2 kg of top soil each. Control plants received no treatments. The experiment was laid out in complete randomized design (CRD) with seven (7) treatments replicated four times each. The following variables were assessed weekly for a period of sixteen weeks: Plant height, number of leaves, stem girth and leaflet number. The data collected was afterwards subjected to Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) at 5% level of significance. The result shows the treatment T5 which is application of 7.5 g of horse-dung had the best performance with respect to plant height, treatment T3 which the application of 10 g of poultry manure performed best with respect to number of leaflet. Treatment T2 which is the application of 7.5 g of poultry manure had the best performance with respect to production of leaves and treatment T1 which is the application of 5 g of poultry manure performed best with respect to stem girth. Based on the results of this study treatment T5 (horse-dung at 7.5 g) and treatment T1 (poultry manure at 5 g) can be recommended for timber production and furniture making if the trait of desire is along that line. Also treatment T3 (poultry manure at 10g) and treatment T2 (poultry manure at 7.5 g) can be recommended for medicinal purpose and as food if the trait of desire is along that line.

Tamarindus indica, ANOVA, CRD, control, horse-dung, poultry manure.

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Adedokun, S. A., Sulaiman, O. N., Alarape, A. B., & Olunloyo, A. A. (2019). Effect of Potting Mixture of Poultry Manure and Horse-dung on the Growth of Tamarindus indica L. (Tamarind) Seedlings. Asian Journal of Research in Agriculture and Forestry, 4(3), 1-6. https://doi.org/10.9734/ajraf/2019/v4i330061
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