The Effect of Seed Source and Pre-sowing Treatment on Germination of Canarium schweinfurthii [Engl] Seeds

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E. L. Anozie
E. G. Oboho


This study examined the effect of seed source and pre-sowing treatment on germination of Canarium schweinfurthii [Engl] seeds. The seeds were sourced from Unubi in Anambra state (T1) and Jos in Plateau state (T2) in Nigeria. The experiment was conducted at the University of Benin and lasted for 14 weeks. It was laid out in a completely randomized design (CRD) pattern using 2x7 factorial combinations of 2 sources and 7 pre-sowing treatments.

The pre-sowing treatments were complete removal of seed coat (CR), partial cracking (PC), burning under dry grass (BG), 70% H2S04 (7H), 80% H2S04 (8H), 3 days (72 hours) soaking in water (SW) and control (CT). Germination parameters investigated were days to germination, germination percentage, germination energy, germination period and germination value. Data collected were subjected to Analysis of variance (ANOVA) at 5% significance and significant means were separated using LSD. There was no significant difference in the mean days to germination (20.7 days in T1 and 21 days for T2) and mean germination percentages (31.14% in T1 and 31.71% for T2) of the sources. The treatments days to germination were significantly different with CR being the first to germinate (12 days) while 7H germinated last (41 days). There was significant difference in the mean germination period (31.71 days in T1 and 23.57 days for T2), germination energy (1.24 in T1 and 2.38 for T2) and germination values (0.3 in T1 and 0.54 for T2) in the investigated sources, while the mean germination percentages of the pre-sowing treatments irrespective of source were significantly different. Treatments BG had the best mean germination percentage followed by treatment SW and CT while 8H had the poorest.

It is therefore recommended that treatment BG is the best followed by SW for increase in germination percentage. But where seedlings are needed in little quantity within a short time, treatments CR and PC are recommended. Acid treatment is unsuitable for the seeds of Canarium schweinfurthii.

Canarium schweinfurthii, dormancy, germination, pre-sowing treatments, seed source.

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Anozie, E. L., & Oboho, E. G. (2019). The Effect of Seed Source and Pre-sowing Treatment on Germination of Canarium schweinfurthii [Engl] Seeds. Asian Journal of Research in Agriculture and Forestry, 4(4), 1-11.
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