Comparison of Non-linear Growth Curve Models in Non-descript California and New Zealand Rabbits Reared in the Tropical Conditions of Nigeria

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Okeke Rufina Obioma
Suleiman Ibrahim Onotu
Omotugba Stephen Kayode
Ibikunle Kehinde Yemiola
Idris Abdullahi
Louis Ugwu
Adeniyi Adebayo Kunle
Oludayo Michael Akinsola


Nonlinear functions of body weight at different age intervals were used to estimate the growth pattern in New Zealand White and California rabbits. Gompertz and Logistic functions of 3 and 4 parameters were fitted to Age-weight data matrix. Age-weight records of New Zealand White and California rabbits from birth were monitored to 56 days to estimate the average growth curve for each breed. The weight difference between breeds was consistently in favor of California rabbits as compared to New Zealand White. It was concluded that the Gompertz and logistic models were both parsimonious and adequate in describing the growth patterns of New Zealand White and California rabbits in the tropical conditions of Nigeria.

Gompertz model, logistic models, non-linear growth curve models, rabbits, nonlinear functions, body weight.

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Obioma, O. R., Onotu, S. I., Kayode, O. S., Yemiola, I. K., Abdullahi, I., Ugwu, L., Kunle, A. A., & Akinsola, O. M. (2020). Comparison of Non-linear Growth Curve Models in Non-descript California and New Zealand Rabbits Reared in the Tropical Conditions of Nigeria. Asian Journal of Research in Agriculture and Forestry, 5(2), 22-28.
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