Assessment of Utilisation and Monetary Value of Non-Timber Forest Products in Kilombero District, Tanzania

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Mhuji Kilonzo
Barakaeli Abdiel Ndossi


Aims: To assess the utilisation and monetary values of Non-Timber Forest Products in the Nyanganje Forest Reserve, Kilombero District, Tanzania.

Study Design: Questionnaire survey was carried out in three villages namely Signali, Sagamaganga and Lungongole surrounding Nyanganje Forest Reserve.

Place and Duration of Study: This study was carried out in Kilombero District, Tanzania between June and December 2017.

Methodology: Data were collected from three sample villages based on the fact that they all lie in the Eastern Arc Mountains and share the border with the Nyanganje Forest Reserve. Data collected were analysed using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) where qualitative and quantitative variables were analysed. Qualitative data were analysed using content analysis whereby quantitative data were analysed using descriptive statistical analysis.

Results: It was revealed that NTFPs is highly utilised in a study area. Firewood was mentioned to be the most utilised by 94% of the respondents, followed by poles (91%), wild fruits (86%), wild mushrooms (84%), wild vegetables (81%), bushmeat (77%), honey (59%) and lastly the medicinal plants (53%). In this study, it was further observed that NTFPs were often a vital source of foreign exchange and revenues in a study area. This was evidenced by the total income accrued from NTFPs activities in the Nyanganje Forest Reserve to worth TZS 45,505,300 annually which is equivalent to USD 18,172.

Conclusions: The Nyanganje Forest Reserve has valuable NTFPs, and if the Government needs to take any decision for alternative use of the forest reserve, the value of these NTFPs to the local communities should be taken into consideration.

NTFPs, Nyanganje Forest Reserve, utilization, species

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Kilonzo, M., & Abdiel Ndossi, B. (2018). Assessment of Utilisation and Monetary Value of Non-Timber Forest Products in Kilombero District, Tanzania. Asian Journal of Research in Agriculture and Forestry, 2(1), 1-10.
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